Amazing camping tricks

Camping trips make fantastic holidays. Here we show you how to make your next camping trip more memorable and comfortable.

Use foam floor tiles to make the floor comfier

Love camping, but wish it was more comfortable? If that sounds familiar, you’ll love this camping tip – add foam floor tiles to the bottom of your tent. It will make sleeping warmer and it will be kinder on your back. You can either buy specialist camping mats or children’s foam tiles. It’s up to you.


Laminate a stargazing map

Lying back on a blanket and looking up at the stars is something you’ll remember for months after your camping trip. To make stargazing even better, the next time you go camping be sure to print off a few stargazing maps. You and your family can then try to spot the constellations. If you laminate your maps they’ll also stay dry and safe.


Impress your kids with colour changing flames

We all love a good campfire, but you can make yours the best fire on the campsite using these magical colour changing flames. They’re only £1.99, so they won’t break the bank, and kids will absolutely love them. Make the night even more special by telling a magically themed campfire story around the colour changing fire.

Here’s a video that will show you the flames in action:

Pack the right kinds of foods

Packing the right kinds of foods for camping is essential if you’re going to have a budget-friendly, fun holiday. The BBC have some excellent tips that will help you to pack the right foods for your trip, such as a large pie, some quesadillas and something to eat once you’ve just arrived.

Packing quick-cooking foods like cous cous or making bean and cheese nachos will also save you plenty of time.

Buy a hammock

Although we love a camping holiday at Wales Tourists Online, there can be an awful lot to pack. To reduce the amount you have to take away, leave one of your camping chairs at home and pack a space-friendly hammock instead.

Kicking back and rocking in your hammock has to be one of the most relaxing things you can do and we guarantee it will make your holiday.

Hammocks vary in price and quality, but for a weekend or week away a simple rope and canvas hammock will probably be comfortable enough. These come in at around £10. Or if you don’t want to hammock solo, you could always get a hammock that’s built for two – it’s a fantastic place to experience a stunning Welsh sunset together.