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Fun things to do in Wales during the winter months

Bored? Try these 5 fun activities in Wales If there was a national vote on the most boring season of the year we’re convinced most people would vote for winter – sorry winter, no offence intended. The problem is the weather tends to be pretty lousy, everyone wants to stay indoors because it’s too chilly […]


Welcome To Europe’s Longest Zip Wire  Have you ever ridden a zip wire? If not, it’s time to visit Zip World in north Wales. Home to Europe’s longest and fastest zip wire, it offers visitors an out-of-this-world experience. The adrenalin fuelled experience is described as “the nearest thing to flying” and was dreamt up by […]

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Book your summer holiday in Wales to beat the January blues

 Summer holidays in Wales: Where to stay Christmas is over. The tree’s been taken down. New Year’s Eve has come and gone. The party poppers are now in the bin. We all had a great time (at least we hope you did!), but what now? What’s next? As you know, January can be a dull […]