Dog-Friendly Beaches in West Wales

Summer is almost here, and many of us are thinking about our annual holidays. For those of us with dogs, choosing where to stay can be a little more complicated than for people without pets, as we want our furry friends to enjoy the holiday as much as we do. If you’re planning to visit the West Wales coast this summer, read on for advice on the best dog-friendly beaches, and also some top tips on ensuring your pooch enjoys his day.

Dog-friendly beaches in West Wales


There are few more appealing sights than an excited dog running free on a sandy beach, bounding around in joyful exuberance, meeting other dogs and fetching sticks from the sea. Sadly, not everyone shares this love of dogs, and beaches are intended for the enjoyment of everyone, so many beaches operate some form of controlled access for dogs, at least for the summer months. If you visit a beach where dogs aren’t permitted, you could find yourself being asked to leave, and having to rethink your day at short notice.

Many beaches in West Wales have a ‘No Dogs’ policy that runs from May 1st until September 30th, to cover the busy holiday season. Beaches with this kind of restriction will generally prohibit dogs from all or at least part of the beach. For example, in Tenby, dogs are not permitted on the North beach, the Castle beach or the Harbour beach (except to board a boat), but visitors with dogs can use a large part of the vast South beach. Poppit, Newgale, Broadhaven and Saundersfoot also have summer restrictions, so it pays to check with the local tourist office or online at sites like the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Beach Guide.

Over in Ceredigion, it’s a similar story. From May until the end of September, dogs are banned from many beaches, including New Quay and Penbryn, and on many other beaches, dogs are restricted to a certain section of the beach. At Aberporth, dogs can use Dyffryn beach all year round, but they can only use Dolwen beach between September and mid-June.

For the most part, beaches in West Wales are very dog-friendly, and beaches where dogs are banned completely are few and far between. Check with the local tourist office, or if you plan to stay in a holiday cottage or self-catering apartment, ask the owner for advice.

One thing to bear in mind when planning a holiday with your dog is that not all the beaches on the West Wales coast are sandy. Fido may well find it much harder going on a shingle beach such as Newgale or Aberaeron, so you may want to ensure that you choose a location close to both types of beach.

It’s also a good idea to take some essential supplies with you when you take your dog to the beach. Make sure you have plenty of water, as well as a plastic drinking bowl, as your dog is likely to get extra thirsty on the beach. You’ll need doggy poo bags of course, and you might also want to consider a towel and even a popup tent, so your dog can rest in the shade if he gets too hot.

If you’re looking for dog-friendly accommodation for your holiday in Wales, check out our holiday property search, which allows visitors to filter their property search to show pet-friendly listings.

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