Inigo Jones Slate Works

Inigo Jones Slate Works: Preserving Wales’ History

If you want to see how natural Welsh slate is used to make beautiful pieces, visit Inigo Jones Slate Works. Founded in 1861, it is as useful today as it was back then. The company was initially formed to make school writing tablets but has since ventured into other areas. It now makes craft, landscape, architectural, and memorial products.

Outside Indigo Jones

See Skilled Craftsmen Working on 500-Million Year Old Slate!

Inigo Jones Slate Works is the home of professional craftsmen. You’ll get a chance to see how they make different products using the world’s best slate. Historical, geological, and calligraphy exhibitions are also part of the tour. Visitors can engrave pieces of slate and carry them home. Children can also get a piece of slate after winning a quiz.


Self guided tours were started in the 1980s to meet the increasing public demand. They give visitors an insight of how a slate works operates. They are fun, educational and engage both adults and children. First, you’ll see a video of how slate forms, how it’s mined, and the different methods which have been used to extract it over the years. You’ll be provided with a personal taped commentary which talks about the different processes used at the company.

Buy a Souvenir at the Gift Shop

There is a modern gift shop with a lovely array of slate products. It has good Celtic and Welsh products for sale. The items are different from the usual and are beautiful to look at.

Gift Shop

Learn About Welsh Music

The Welsh Rock Cafe is a great place for a bite and a drink. It is open all year long and explores the history of Welsh music. You’ll learn about the origins of Welsh music and how it has evolved over the years.


Why Visit Inigo Jones Slate Works?

While the company is more than 150 years old, it is still a proper workshop unlike others which have been converted into museums. You’ll enjoy yourself so much you’ll be back for more.

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